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GET AWAY FROM IT ALL : Signs That You Need A Break

TKC Travel Series

As promised, this is the first post in my series on travelling.  I’ve put a lot of thought into the most important aspects of getting away, and I think the first one is how to realize that you actually need a break.

Burnout is very real!  I know this firsthand.  When I begin to feel so overwhelmed that the mere thought of my to-do list sparks anxiety, I know I need a breather.  When every possible little thing annoys me to no end, I know I need to step back from it all.  And when I begin to feel paralyzed by the weight of my responsibilities, that’s a sure sign that I need to disconnect and take care of me.  You can probably relate to some of those signs, as well.  Whenever they crop up, we should all take that as a sign that a break is in order.

I know there are so many people – parents and business owners especially – out there wondering how in the world they can possibly take a break.  Maybe these few suggestions – some free and some worth every penny – will help you realize that’s it’s really possible to escape when some mental health time is just what the doctor ordered.

  1. Plan a stay-cation.  Catching the next flight to Bora Bora is not exactly possible for most of us.  However, that doesn’t mean that we still can’t get away, even when funds are limited.  Utilizing Groupon for a great one-night rate at a nearby hotel is always a good option.  Even staying home, without distractions, can be a breath of fresh air.  My husband & I planned a weekend staycation once when the kids were with their grandparents.  Neither of us expected it to be as refreshing as it was, but having the house to ourselves for the first time since living on our own was monumental, to say the least.
  2. Make ‘Me-Day’ a non-negotiable.  I have a friend who takes a day to herself every week.  It’s non-negotiable, and though she may run out of fresh ideas for things to do, she always manages to do something.  It’s genius! Having a scheduled time where you indulge in the things you most love, whether that be exploring a new museum, getting a mani-pedi, or just catching up on some much needed sleep, is essential to never losing sight of the fact that you truly do matter.  Taking care of yourself is the best way you can take care of others.
  3. Prioritize vacations.  If you value time away, it’s important to prioritize your vacations.  The same way you might plan for retirement or big purchases, sometimes quality vacations take just as much forethought and dedication.  My husband and I realized early on that vacations are an integral part of the health of our relationship with one another and the health of our relationship with our children.  Even though I miss them immediately after I leave and though it sounds very counter intuitive, I know getting that breather makes me a much more patient, loving, and present parent.  For that reason, we make long term goals to make sure we can fit the vacations in.  And we do this for both family vacations and vacations for just the two of us.


I’ll go into more vacation planning detail later in this series, along with posts on exactly how we can disconnect in this very wired world we’re living in.  Stay tuned…

3 Tips for How to Refresh Your Home for Fall


Fall is here!  Today marks the first day of Autumn, where apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and oversized sweaters abound.  I switched up a few things around the house in the Summer by adding blue & white accents throughout the main living areas.  I have no idea what took me so long, considering blue is my absolutely favorite color, but I’m loving it and plan to keep this look going through the seasons.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t plan to switch things up with the change of seasons.  So while I’m working on that over here, I thought I’d share ideas with you on how to refresh your home for Fall.

I always have my clients focus on the feeling they would like to convey or evoke in their homes and plan the designs from there.  And in taking my own advice, for Fall I’m focusing on warming up the space to add a cozy element to our home.  Yes, I’ll still have orange pumpkins  and warm Fall tones, but I just need to make sure they mesh well with the blue & white elements we have going on.

Here are some tips for how you can bring the Fall season into your home.

Centsational Girl - fall-leaves-faux-bois-vases


  1. Add greenery common to the season.  The changing colors of the leaves are probably one of the most notable attributes of Fall.  It makes perfect sense to bring some of that greenery inside the home, as well.  As far as I’m concerned, plant life (faux or real) is the best way to finish off the design of a space.  Using branches with orange, red, and green leaves is a surefire way to get your space to say “Fall”.New European Vintage Cushion Cover Knit Pillow Covers Sofa Acrylic Woolen Plain Color Decorative Throw Pillows Case 45x45cm Hot!
  2. Incorporate textures of the season.  What says “Fall” more than chunky knit sweaters?  When I think of the season, I immediately think of wrapping up in my warmest, comfiest sweaters.  This same feeling can be conveyed in interior decor by way of throw blankets and pillows.
  3. Use colors of the season.  By simply bringing in the colors of the season, that will help your space feel fresh and current.  Many of the warm and neutral tones, like taupe, burgundy, sage, pumpkin, and brown, go a long way to evoke the mood of the season.

I hope you find these tips helpful in bringing the Fall season into your interior decor.  And, honestly, these 3 tips will work for any season of the year.  If you’ve found these ideas helpful or if you’d like to share your tips, let me know in the comments.